Embracing the generous spirit of Memphis. Giving back to our partners and the community.

loyalty should be rewarded

Loyalty Has Its Advantages

How many times have you seen ads for services offering new customers deep discounts? (Think: cable companies).

When you’re a long-standing customer of that business, it frustrates you, right? Why don’t loyal customers get a break?

At Cadre, we think loyalty should be rewarded. That’s why we offer CadreSpirit, a client program that rewards you for choosing to work with us for all of your hiring needs.

Why Cadre Cares?

Memphis is known for its generous, giving spirit and The Agency wants to give back to the businesses that have done so much for our communities. By becoming a loyal partner and allowing Cadre to handle all of your hiring needs, we reward you with significant cost savings.

The program will help you:

  • Control costs: Know exactly what you’re paying for and reduce recruiting costs by having Cadre handle your direct recruiting.
  • Improve processes: Working with Cadre streamlines your hiring process, giving you faster access to top talent and shortening your time to hire.
  • Boost the quality of hires: As a long-term partner, Cadre will know your business inside and out, allowing us to quickly identify candidates who will add value to your organization.
  • Save hassle: Stop fielding cold calls from staffing agencies that are dialing for dollars. Make one call to your trusted partner to fill critical roles quickly and accurately.
  • Stay focused on your business: Filling an open role takes time, money and resources. Keep your team focused on strategic initiatives and let Cadre handle recruiting.

Ready to reap your rewards?

Learn more about CadreSpirit today.