Creative Resource Solutions For A Growing Startup

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The Challenge

Semita Consulting, a local startup, is developing a game-changing application in the logistics space. Their challenge was finding resources to develop a prototype for the Blockchain portion of their service offering. As a growing company, their existing team was limited in their capacity, so they needed to add additional resources to their staff.

After sourcing quotes from multiple recruiting agencies, nothing was satisfying their requirements or their budget. They needed a creative solution that would appeal to investors and satisfy their corporate sensibility.

The Solution

Cadre listened to Semita’s needs and after gaining a full understanding of their existing landscape and their goals, developed a partnership outline. This outline provided a framework for investors to fund initial staffing resources that would allow the company to develop its application prototype.

The creative ideas generated from these conversations led to a model providing Semita incentives, community outreach and a relationship-based communication model for future partner engagement.

The Results

The end result was more than just a staffing plan, it was a framework for a long-term partnership. Cadre provided Semita with a staffing solution as well as a value proposition for its acquisition funding.

According to Semita, “The Semita team came to Cadre with the unique requirement of finding a resource to assisting in building the prototype of the Blockchain portion of Semita’s Core Application. When I approached Scott, I did not have a great deal of time and the investors were curious to hear more about a possible approach to a Blockchain offering in the supply chain logistics space. Scott was able to put me in touch with a resource who was knowledgeable in Blockchain; one who was able to put Semita on track to meet the needs of the investors and the potential client. Among staffing professionals, I could not more highly recommend The Agency.”

This new partnership concept, unique to the staffing industry, is now available in the Memphis Metropolitan Area for all clients of Cadre. The CadreSpirit Initiative provides client incentives, community outreach and a relationship-based communication model.